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She was...


Liz was a force of nature. She impacted everyone she met and truly made the world a better place. When she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37, instead of asking “why [...]


She taught me to let go of the tension and stretch beyond my comfort zone. She warned me it would be hard and I would have to get comfortable with the discomfort associated with that.  I began [...]


She was the master.  She would ask..."Do you want to make a decent Christmas cookie?" And go on to tell us we need to use margarine, not butter!  Her recipe must be shared with the world. [...]


She will not be with me on Mother's Day. She will be everywhere. She is in everything I do, everywhere I go and all that I am. She is in Lauren’s smile, Karen’s heart and my [...]


With a 50th birthday behind me, I find myself thinking about how my life is turning out; what I’ve accomplished and what is to come. Through this I realized one day I am reliving the lifestyle [...]


Nancy was born on January 25, 1931 to her loving parents, Charles and Jennie.  Her given name was Nunziata, but, like many Italian-Americans who wanted to assimilate, she was rechristened later in life. Growing up, Nancy’s very [...]


Here is my tribute to my mother, Diana. I sit here on the runway about to depart after dropping my first born off to college. So many thoughts and emotions are triggered reminding me about when [...]


She was and will always be my inspiration. She loved me unconditionally. She was the one person to challenge me to believe in myself and make my dreams come true. She was a great example of [...]


She is really my hero.  She had a very difficult childhood, and faced much adversity in her adult life.  She lost two husbands, a daughter, and a granddaughter to illness.  Rather than be bitter, she found [...]


She was no-nonsense.  She was strong in her convictions.  She persisted until she got the answer to her questions.  She wasn’t an educated woman, but taught me about the love of learning.  She didn’t let her [...]


She was the brightest light in my life. She taught me to be bold and fancy. I observed her being bold and fancy and it rubbed off on me. “Take time to make things special she [...]


I would like to tell you about my mother. As for why – because she dealt with adversity with grace. More importantly, she always had faith – even under circumstances when most would have lost faith [...]

Mary Kay

When she was 7 yrs. old, it became her responsibility to care for her father who was an invalid after having tuberculosis.  Her Mother worked 14 hour days to support the family and her older siblings were [...]


I am in awe of my friend Jen Linn who so bravely battled her rare cancer and forged the way and inspired so many others with rare cancers to never give up! She founded Cycle For Survival [...]


Some individuals leave a mark on society.  They live their lives determined to make this world a better place.  My friend Sue was one of these people.  I met Sue when we were just starting high [...]

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