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Adeline M

Not just a co-worker but a true friend. Adeline's thoughtfulness and caring for many people in her life, but always has the senior's in mind. She will go above and beyond to make sure everyone is [...]


She has one of the sunniest dispositions I've ever known. She keeps smiling and creates an aura of positivity in the face of adversity, no matter what life has thrown at her. Her inner strength is [...]


Maria is one of those rare gems who is a combination of strength, positive energy and generosity. One of the hardest working women in a male dominated industry for over thirty years, she has earned the [...]


She has always had an elegance and style about her that is both understated yet makes you take notice. She is "easy like Sunday morning" to be around. Joyful, fun, silly and caring with an easy-going [...]

Rena B

Using her words, she is the "Beautiful Lady"   She is a compassionate supportive friend who will be there for others, regardless of her opinions about the situation. Holding her tongue and restraining from actions that [...]

Katie Elizabeth

She is the best helper a mother could want and a loyal friend. She cares deeply with her heart on her sleeve. Compassion and sincerity are her everyday motives. If you saw her you’d know how [...]


Her card says she is a Colorist but she is really an artist. She paints patiently and thoughtfully and her work is impeccable. She colors from the heart. She puts beauty in to the world. I [...]


She is grace personified. She has rallied a village that want to protect her, help her, support her. She's the sunshine everyone was to bask in. She is strong, smart, successful and resilient. She is living [...]


She is… beautiful inside and out, smart, motivated, loving, empathetic, talented, positive, and responsible; and lives life on her own terms. She is a shining star who creates her reality by being an independent thinker, prioritizing [...]


If I had to pick one word to describe my daughter it would be "strength". She has overcome so many obstacles and yet, continues to amaze me. She has figured out who she is and strives [...]

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