Nancy was born on January 25, 1931 to her loving parents, Charles and Jennie.  Her given name was Nunziata, but, like many Italian-Americans who wanted to assimilate, she was rechristened later in life.
Growing up, Nancy’s very best friend also happened to be her aunt, Fran. As Jennie’s much younger sibling, Fran belonged to Nancy’s age group. The two girls lived on the same street. Over the years, they became inseparable. “She was my favorite, she used to be with me all the time when I was a young girl,” Fran recalls. “I have so many fond memories of her… I loved her dearly and our closeness was unbelievable.”  Nancy had two older siblings, George and Joseph. When she was ten, her baby brother, Louis, was born. Often, she was tasked with looking after Louis while their mother was away at work. Nancy’s example left a tremendous impression on Louis, who fondly describes her as a great role model. “She always kept me on the straight and narrow,” he shared.
In 1948, Nancy graduated from High School, where she studied business. She also learned to become an incredible typist. Her speed and accuracy at the keyboard would help launch Nancy’s two-decade career. Impressed by her skills, the company hired her as a clerk typist in 1968. From there, she steadily began to climb the ladder. Nancy’s unparalleled work ethic earned her a promotion in 1972, when she became the administrative assistant to the chairman of the board. Then, two years later, she was named an officer of the corporation. During her tenure, Nancy modernized the stock system, fielded questions from shareholders, and even served as company historian. She retired in 1988.  She wed the love of her life Alfred in 1951. They exchanged “I dos” on the 23rd of June, beginning more than 56 years of marriage. (Fittingly, at their wedding, Fran was the maid of honor.) She had three children and lived a blessed life. She was a woman ahead of her time. She was poised, classy and smart.  She will be missed.