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My sister gave me this advice about my first time. "Be smart about it. You are beautiful inside and out. Do not succumb to pressure or feel you have to do it just to do it. [...]


I told my BFF at school. I was 16. She was two grades older than me. She said you choose, the place, the time, the guy the activity. You do not need to tell anyone. You [...]


Here is what I heard growing up in my house.  With 5 sisters who I looked up to, you can imagine the opinions were strong. Regarding sex, I heard, "Always respect yourself and expect to be [...]


I love the advice I once got from my Aunt.  I dared to confide in her.  She said "If you choose the right partner for your first experience, there will be a second and a third [...]


I wanted to have sex so badly and I reached out to her to get advice.  She was someone I trusted. I felt a little bad about not asking my mom but I didn’t want the [...]