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I speak to Pat every morning. She is my angel. I tell her things so to purge the thoughts out of my head.  Thoughts I would’ve drank over.  When I feel weak and vulnerable, I pick [...]


I met my sponsor Judy in 2008. She was sent from God to help me. She promised a mental shift would take place.   She said...YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE HURTING YOURSELF …So you no longer [...]


She emerged from the makeup mirror happy with her reflection. After a quick glance in the full-length mirror to check her outfit, she was out the door. Today she would be enough, she would do enough [...]

Marty-Marty Mann

the first (recognized) female member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a fearless, tireless advocate for treatment, education and prevention of alcoholism – at a time when women “didn’t do that sort of thing”.  She inspires me.

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