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Yvette Lisa

She is pretty fantastic. She is an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife and a good friend to many good friends. She has love in her life and she is passionate about the things she commits to.  [...]

Lauren P

An amazing ER doctor and friend! She is on the front lines right now, courageously fighting this battle to keep us safe. She is a super mom, a loyal friend, and one of the classiest women [...]


Liz was a force of nature. She impacted everyone she met and truly made the world a better place. When she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37, instead of asking “why [...]

Adeline M

Not just a co-worker but a true friend. Adeline's thoughtfulness and caring for many people in her life, but always has the senior's in mind. She will go above and beyond to make sure everyone is [...]


She has one of the sunniest dispositions I've ever known. She keeps smiling and creates an aura of positivity in the face of adversity, no matter what life has thrown at her. Her inner strength is [...]

Rena B

Using her words, she is the "Beautiful Lady"   She is a compassionate supportive friend who will be there for others, regardless of her opinions about the situation. Holding her tongue and restraining from actions that [...]

Jill F

She is such a blessing to our community! Her work with local Seniors is so important. She is kind and thoughtful and simply a joy to be around. She touches the lives of those in need [...]


I was frazzled, she was calm. I was focused on myself, she was kind. I was worried, she reassured me. I am lucky I crossed paths with Caryn yesterday. A wonderful, smart and efficient young nurse [...]


What a beautiful flower!  She is figuring things out for herself one day at a time. Kindness is often forced and not easy for some people. Not her. She is naturally caring and thoughtful. My interaction [...]

Sara B

She is fierce, classy and authentic. She is always honest and passionate whenever she speaks or gives an interview.  I recently saw her on Reese Witherspoon's Shine On interview on Netflix. After seeing that, I was [...]

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