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She said she jumped and found her wings on the way down.  She is quite accomplished yet remains humble. Post-acquisition integration is tough. Many moving parts, lots of personalities, high expectations and tight deadlines. She was [...]


She was a very fun person to have breakfast with. She is now a new business colleague and friend. Her passion for her work is evident in the success she has achieved and her enthusiasm is [...]


The nicest stranger in Starbucks! She was ahead of me in line. We decided to be patient with the staff because it was a busy, snowy, cold day and people were not being so nice. She [...]


She is a fun barrista who is always kind to me. She has a positive outlook for 2020. I am glad I get to see her some mornings.

Adeline M

Not just a co-worker but a true friend. Adeline's thoughtfulness and caring for many people in her life, but always has the senior's in mind. She will go above and beyond to make sure everyone is [...]


I met a nice flight attendant today. Not on a plane, but in a photography studio! She was sweet and kind and easy to talk to. Super genuine and authentic....I  hope our paths cross again.

Jill F

She is such a blessing to our community! Her work with local Seniors is so important. She is kind and thoughtful and simply a joy to be around. She touches the lives of those in need [...]

Lori W

She was at a trade show with me. Her booth was next to mine. She had t-shirts with spiritual sayings on them in cursive writing.  I could tell she was spiritual.  Her soul was kind and [...]

Dr. Kim R

She was personable, empathetic and a great listener. She listened to me.  She is very smart and has a lot of experience.  She could've been condescending and arrogant because of that, but instead she was kind [...]


I was frazzled, she was calm. I was focused on myself, she was kind. I was worried, she reassured me. I am lucky I crossed paths with Caryn yesterday. A wonderful, smart and efficient young nurse [...]

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