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If you are proud to be associated with her, if she motivates or positively impacts you, if you love her and you are not afraid to reveal your admiration for her to others, then post here and tell us about her! Our goal was to create a public compliment and tribute site to praise strong women. It doesn’t matter if you know/knew her intimately, casually, or not at all. Express your gratitude and share the love here.

  • Compliments are powerful gifts. With great power comes great responsibility. Be thoughtful, be specific, be genuine, be sincere. Share details carefully, and keep love at the core.
  • Don’t overshare.
  • Get permission if you think you need to.
  • Share anonymously if you’d like.
  • Paint a beautiful picture.
  • Do unto others.
  • Less is sometimes more. 700 words max.

This is a site where you can compliment or pay tribute to another woman. This is a place where you can honor or memorialize a woman with loving words. Your words will inspire and positively impact the recipient and other readers. This is a safe place where a woman can talk about another woman publicly. When you post on She Is She Was, you pay it forward and spread love. You are telling a woman she is loved, admired and respected. You are sharing her greatness with the world.

She Is She Was

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