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Gerber Daisy

She Is She Was is an online forum created to provide amazing tributes about inspirational women!  It is a place for you to share experience, strength and hope by telling us about a woman you admire.  Your tribute to her can be a full story or just a few sentences.  Sing her praises, express your gratitude toward her or keep her memory alive here.  We are excited to hear about this special woman!

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If you are proud to be associated with her, if she motivates or positively impacts you, if you love her and you are not afraid to reveal your admiration for her to others, then post here and tell us about her! Our goal was to create a public compliment and tribute site to praise strong women. It doesn’t matter if you know/knew her intimately, casually, or not at all. Express your gratitude and share the love here.


noun 1. an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

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Every teenage girl is full of self doubt and senior year is a huge time of questioning. Do I have what it takes? Who do I want to become? What if the world chews me up [...]


She has always been a beautiful flower.  But now she is blooming in to a beautiful bouquet!  Every day I notice something more amazing about her.  She is poised and confident and thriving.  She is easy [...]


She is kind and funny.  She is witty and charming.  She is simply a blessing to this world.  She always has a smile on her face and something positive to say.  After speaking to her, even if [...]

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She was...


She will not be with me on Mother's Day. She will be everywhere. She is in everything I do, everywhere I go and all that I am. She is in Lauren’s smile, Karen’s heart and my [...]


With a 50th birthday behind me, I find myself thinking about how my life is turning out; what I’ve accomplished and what is to come. Through this I realized one day I am reliving the lifestyle [...]


Nancy was born on January 25, 1931 to her loving parents, Charles and Jennie.  Her given name was Nunziata, but, like many Italian-Americans who wanted to assimilate, she was rechristened later in life. Growing up, Nancy’s very [...]

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