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She is...

Dr. Kim R

She was personable, empathetic and a great listener. She listened to me.  She is very smart and has a lot of experience.  She could've been condescending and arrogant because of that, but instead she was kind [...]


I was frazzled, she was calm. I was focused on myself, she was kind. I was worried, she reassured me. I am lucky I crossed paths with Caryn yesterday. A wonderful, smart and efficient young nurse [...]


A stunning and elegant girls girl and simply so much fun to see perform! She has a soulful, unique voice and the ability to boldly turn any song she attempts into her own music. I love [...]


What a beautiful flower!  She is figuring things out for herself one day at a time. Kindness is often forced and not easy for some people. Not her. She is naturally caring and thoughtful. My interaction [...]

Sara B

She is fierce, classy and authentic. She is always honest and passionate whenever she speaks or gives an interview.  I recently saw her on Reese Witherspoon's Shine On interview on Netflix. After seeing that, I was [...]

Laurie B

She helped my son. At a time we needed her.  I am grateful for her and all that she did for us. When I asked my son why he liked talking to her, he said, "She was [...]


She is the only Zia I have ever met. On a whim, I looked up her name and in one language it means "light" or "glow".  In another it means "splendor".  All words very befitting the [...]


Her card says she is a Colorist but she is really an artist. She paints patiently and thoughtfully and her work is impeccable. She colors from the heart. She puts beauty in to the world. I [...]


She is grace personified. She has rallied a village that want to protect her, help her, support her. She's the sunshine everyone was to bask in. She is strong, smart, successful and resilient. She is living [...]


Strong, gorgeous, compassionate, funny.  Mother, daughter, friend, and activist. Working to obliterate cancer. BCRF leader and fundraiser.  I love this woman!  Go Mia, go!

Mary Kay

She was a sage and someone I admired. She said if you select a career that meets your personal needs and if you carefully plan the steps you need to take to reach your goals, then [...]


I love being with my Mom especially while we are in the company of other woman. She is like the sun, people are always orbiting around her. Regardless of our relationship with the other women , [...]

Ms. T

I loved one of my teachers in high school. She made a difference in my life. She looked up when I would approach her desk and when I spoke she looked at me and listened to [...]

Ms. E

My Interventionist helped me in so many ways. She is still my friend and I go back to visit her at the high school when I am home from college. When I compared myself to my [...]

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