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Yvette Lisa

She is pretty fantastic. She is an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife and a good friend to many good friends. She has love in her life and she is passionate about the things she commits to.  [...]


She said she jumped and found her wings on the way down.  She is quite accomplished yet remains humble. Post-acquisition integration is tough. Many moving parts, lots of personalities, high expectations and tight deadlines. She was [...]


She was a very fun person to have breakfast with. She is now a new business colleague and friend. Her passion for her work is evident in the success she has achieved and her enthusiasm is [...]


Passed the bar exam on the first try! Woo hoo! She is pursuing her dreams in a big way. She decided to change everything about herself a few years back. Where she lived, who she dated, [...]


What a beautiful flower!  She is figuring things out for herself one day at a time. Kindness is often forced and not easy for some people. Not her. She is naturally caring and thoughtful. My interaction [...]

Sara B

She is fierce, classy and authentic. She is always honest and passionate whenever she speaks or gives an interview.  I recently saw her on Reese Witherspoon's Shine On interview on Netflix. After seeing that, I was [...]

Laurie B

She helped my son. At a time we needed her.  I am grateful for her and all that she did for us. When I asked my son why he liked talking to her, he said, "She was [...]


She is the only Zia I have ever met. On a whim, I looked up her name and in one language it means "light" or "glow".  In another it means "splendor".  All words very befitting the [...]


I’ve had the toughest time writing about her. Not because I have nothing to say. But because I am having trouble choosing from the million things I could say.  We have so much history. I barely [...]


My mother didn't intend to be the head of the household, but after my Dad made some really bad choices and had to serve several years of a sentence at a white collar correctional facility, she [...]

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