She is pretty fantastic. She is an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife and a good friend to many good friends. She has love in her life and she is passionate about the things she commits to.  She became an entrepreneur when she was 20 and was very successful. It wasn’t all perfect, but she learned early on to roll with the changes. The CRTC made major changes that effected her business so she adapted by restructuring. Shortly thereafter more changes in her industry completely wiped out her business so she reinvented herself.  She investigated marketing and insurance opportunities she was always interested in and although they didn’t work out, she could check those curiosities off her list and move on.  She is a hard worker, genuinely cares for others, and understands you have to put “your all” in to your work.  She does good work so people love to hire her and have her on their team.  As a result she has held several respectful jobs in her life.  Working for others is nice, but she is an entrepreneur at heart and needs to be on her own calling the shots.

She is grateful and lucky to have genuine support from her husband and daughter. She shows up every day to run her business for herself, but for them also.  Supporting the people in her life and providing for them is top of mind. She is constantly there for them and because of this she is respected and loved by them. She is their hero.

She admires the success of others and has faith that she too will bring in money to support herself and her family.  She has faith in herself and the many skills she has to tap in to.

Like everyone else, she feels worried about set backs but recognizes these are challenging and unprecedented times.  She puts herself out there and reaches out for support. She is so courageous in this way. She puts her fears out in the world and shares how she is hurting.  Her vulnerability provides comfort to others who are feeling the same way. She is hopeful. She has hope that things will get back on track and everything will be okay.  She is not afraid to look or sound stupid.  She knows the world owes her nothing and there are no guarantees with anything. She is logical.  

She is accountable to those in her life. She works hard to serve as an example to her daughter. She is conscientious and wants to set a good example for her.  Instinctively she knows as a mom she needs to teach her daughter how to gracefully succeed and fail and knows both lessons are valuable.  Both will positively impact her daughter in all her endeavors not just when she’s older with her jobs/career.

She is smart. She is quick to recognize when something needs to change, when something is broken or when she is broken. When this happens she feels lost and feels the need to fix things.   She is intentional and well spoken. She steps up and tells it like it is. She is comfortable with her vulnerabilities and will always be able to let in Peace, Love and Light during the darkest days. She is a warrior. She is someone I admire.